The Adventures of Soma and Bella

Welcome to the blog of Soma and Bella--Best Pals!!!

Bella's Day Outside

Hi! I'm Bella Bear and I want to tell you a little bit about my day! I was hanging out with Soma and Sarah and Taylor (Soma's mom and master). Taylor showed me something I've never really taken notice to before which they called a dandelion!

Then, I got confused. And stuck.

Luckily, when we came inside the house Soma and I got a TREAT!!!

A Relaxing Day

Today was a very relaxing day! My mom and master were gone for most of the day so I pretty much slept all day. My mom came home with a bunch of flowers! Bella and I helped her look for some good spots to plant them in the gardens.

The weather was so nice out today, we love spending time out. One thing I am bummed about though, is I think Bella has learned about my "secret spot" outside for hiding treats. She always follows me around and watches what I'm doing. Her playful act of jumping all around me
is just a distraction. So, I will share with you today where my secret spot is! I will find a new spot soon, one that Bella won't know about.


Hi! Welcome to my blog of awesome adventures! My name is Soma and I'm a Pomeranian. I am bigger than most Pomeranians, but that's because my master says my blood is of a pure line, closer to my ancestors.

My mom and my master take really good care of me! Usually, my days consist of eating lots of food and treats, sleeping, playing with my mom and master, taking walks down to the lake and hanging out with Bella Bear. Sometimes I try to hang out with Fudge (the cat) except she mostly ignores me.

(She is a tough kitty!)

Here is a photo of Bella Bear in my Scribblenauts hat when I first met her!

She's gotten bigger since then..take a look.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and my master. I love them.

I will be posting pictures, videos and stories of my daily adventures! To get an idea of what's to come, here's a video of Bella bothering me.

About this blog

Soma shares his thoughts and adventures in this daily blog of happy, fun, playful times. He allows guest writers to share their experiences as well.